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RT-LiveTV on the Internet for the latest "Real News" about Syria and the Skripals.
For "
Real News," not "Fake News" regarding the Middle East visit the following websites:
, RT.com, RT-LiveTV, TASS.com, Almasdarnew.com, PressTV.com and IMEMC.org.
For the latest information about the plight of the Palestinian people visit IMEMCnews.
Note: Trump does not seem to be too concerned about the Palestinian genocide by his Israeli friends, nor does Trump seem to be too concerned about the Yemeni genocide by his Saudi friends either.
April 21, 2018: Chemical weapons team visits Syria to probe chemical attack.
April 21, 2018: Golden shower: Why countries pull out their bullion from the US regime.
Note: Gold-backed currencies, petro-currencies, debt, interest rates and inflation will all have profound effects on the US financial system.
April 20, 2018: Donald Trump announces plan to countersue Democrats for DNC server.
April 20, 2018: DNC sues Trump, WikiLeaks and Russia over 2016 election.
April 20, 2018: Assange has ‘physical proof’ Russia didn’t hack DNC – Congressman.
Note: Seth Rich, who was murdered afterwards, is believed to be the person that downloaded files from the DNC, not Russia. Who was responsible for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich? Could it be that someone affiliated with the DNC be associated with whistleblower Seth Rich's murder for his DNC files to flash/thumb drive theft?
Related link: WikiLeaks Julian Assange: Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich is "alleged" WikiLeaks source.
April 20, 2018: Natalie Portman denounced by Israeli regime over decision not to attend awards.
April 19, 2018: Durham becomes first US city to ban police training with Israeli regime.
April 19, 2018: Scientists set to boost microscopes’ magnifying power.
Note: Quantum teleportation, flying saucers and human immortality on Earth will become possible in about twenty-five years from now once we can see sizes down around the -35th power of ten, and smaller unless the two-faced Zionist-Saudi sucker pro-social psychopath Donald Trump gets us all killed before then. Related link.



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King of Saudi Arabia:
Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Emir of Qatar:
Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

Supreme Leader of Iran:
Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei

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April 19, 2018: Russian says containers with chlorine from Germany, smoke bombs from UK found in E. Ghouta.

April 19, 2018: Militants prevent OPCW access to Syria's Douma: Russia.


April 19, 2018: Syria hands over two unexploded cruise missiles to Russia found after US regime strike ‒ source.

April 19, 2018: London regime deliberately destroying evidence on Skripal case - Russian UN envoy.

April 19, 2018: Trump: Battle between US regime forces, Russian nationals in Syria month ago "sad."
Note: It is going to be sad if the day arrives when hundreds of US soldiers return home in body bags.

April 18, 2018: Breaking: Watch Syrian boy in White Helmets "Fake" chemical attack video reveal truth.
April 18, 2018: Researchers find the brain processes sight and sound in same manner.
Related link: What is a Tabūla Mentis?
April 18, 2018: US Regime Strategic Command observed Russia, China operating hypersonic missiles.
April 18, 2018: Here are the details about the rocket India wants to buy from Russia.

April 17, 2018: Saudi Arabian regime open to sending troops into Syria: FM.
Note: It would be much better for Saudi Wahhabist regime terrorists to go home in body bags than US soldiers.

April 17, 2018: Israeli regime using secret info on Sen. Graham’s homosexuality to exploit him: Journalist.
Note: Between Trump and Graham the US regime has some real sickos (pro-social psychopaths) running the near morally, religiously and financially bankrupt country. See US National Debt and World Debt Clock.
April 17, 2018: Breaking: Russian researchers create tunable laser.
Related link 1: Tunable Laser. Related link 2: Photonic Waveforms by Tabūla Mentis Corporation.
April 17, 2018: Breaking: All conditions created for OPCW to work normally in Douma, Russian envoy says.

April 17, 2018: Breaking: Moscow has ‘irrefutable’ evidence chem attack in Syria’s Douma was staged – Russia’s envoy to OPCW.

April 16, 2018: We think we're the first advanced earthlings — but how do we really know?

April 16, 2018: Breaking: Douma hospital refutes terrorists claim about alleged use of chemical attack.


April 16, 2018: Breaking: Trump’s war powers to be limited under new Senate resolution.

April 16, 2018: OPCW refuses to divulge information on its labs.
Note: The US/UK have no concrete proof Russia is responsible for Skripal's poisoning.
April 16, 2018: Iran to team up with China on nuke development if Trump kills 2015 nuclear deal.
April 16, 2018: Pantsir-S1 repelling US strikes on Syria showed 100% effectiveness - Russian MoD.
Note: Do not believe pervert Trump's "Fake News." 71 missiles were shot down by Syria.
April 15, 2018: US, allies destroyed facility that produced cancer drugs in Syria attacks: Iran TV claims.
Note: Syria's allies will need to supply Syria with medicines that Syria can no longer produce on its own.
April 14, 2018: Expert lauds Syrian air defense ‘excellent’ performance in downing 71 missiles.
Note: Sorry Trump, your beautiful new "nice and smart" missiles are not so StealthSmart™ after all. Potential customers may wish to purchase high quality Russian-made missiles instead. Related link.
April 14, 2018: Lavrov: Swiss lab says ‘BZ toxin’ used in Salisbury, not from Russia, was in US/UK service.
April 14, 2018: Weapons inspectors plan to head to Syria's Douma hours after strikes.
April 14, 2018: Four RAF fighters bomb Syria 'chemical weapon stockpile.'
Note: Now the Wicked Witch of the West Theresa May needs to prove that there was a banned chemical weapon stockpile where the UK bombed (excluding C2, gun powder, etc. not banned by the Chemical Weapons Convention). Individuals suffering from smoke inhalation, etc. is not considered an illegal chemical agent attack banned by the CWC. A distinction needs to be made between banned and allowed chemicals.
April 13, 2018: Donald Trump's presidency is collapsing ‒ Column.
Note: Trump's, May's, Macron's popularity at home is eroding and need war to spice things up while keeping their Saudi Wahhabist terrorists friends happy. And don't forget about those murderous Judaic antichrist Zionist land thief terrorists.
April 13, 2018: UK appears to be ‘destroying’ evidence in Skripal case – Russian envoy.
April 13, 2018: Syrian Army uncovers chemical lab in Eastern Ghouta - State Media.

April 13, 2018: Russian top brass reports it has proof of UK’s involvement in Douma chemical incident.
April 13, 2018: Russia’s top diplomat: Chemical attack in Syria’s Douma staged by foreign special services.
Note: Corrupt US, French and UK politicians getting money from Wahhabist Saudi, Qatari and Zionist antichrist land thief terrorists are making a grave mistake thinking they can beat Russia in Syria. Once the Western war mongering fools lose 20,000 soldiers in less than two hours, then they will most likely make the fatal mistake of attacking mainland Russia.

April 12, 2018: Breaking: US Defense Secretary says US doesn’t have proof chlorine, sarin used in Syria.

April 12, 2018: Tulsi Gabbard asks Pompeo at Secretary of State confirmation hearing how does military action in Syria serve America's interest (no link available)?
Note: Corrupt politicians are getting money under the table by terrorist countries like Wahhabist Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and antichrist Israel. They get the money, you get the death, debt and destruction.

April 10, 2018: Russia to take tit-for-tat steps should US strike Syria, senior MP warns.
Note: Maybe Syria and Russia will destroy several, if not all, of the illegal US bases in Syria if attacked this time around, and sink, or destroy all attack submarines/warships/aircraft? Remember the Falklands War? Plus, Russia's S-500 missile system will take-out US, UK, French, Israeli, etc. satellites in nothing flat. And last, but not least, FlexTape® by FlexSeal™ is guaranteed to stop any leak including Donald Trump's big fat mouth.
April 10, 2018: Syrian chemical weapons attack was false flag operation, Fox News host suggests.
Note: This is one good reason why politicians who take money from terrorist states like Wahhabist Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and the Zionist movement should be disqualified from running for, or working for any government position in the US. Morons like them could start WWIII and get us all killed, so be careful what you wish for! Remember, they get the money, you get the death, debt and destruction.
April 10, 2018: Yulia Skripal discharged from Salisbury hospital.
Note: The UK and US are the prime suspects in poisoning the Skripals since a variety of laboratories around the world have samples of the nerve agent.
April 10, 2018: Putin warns against provocation amid hype over Syria gas attack claims.
April 10, 2018: Envoy to UN: Syria possess no chemical weapons.
Note: The fate of Syria is now in the hands of the Wicked Antichrist of the West.

April 09, 2018: Yulia Skripal will 'seek political asylum' - Cousin to Russian TV.
April 09, 2018: White Helmets 'treat' alleged chemical attack victims without protective gear.
April 09, 2018: Red Crescent found no trace of previous 'Ghouta chem attack' used by US to blame Damascus & Moscow. Note: Watch RT-LiveTV for more "Real News" information.
April 08, 2018: Breaking: Russia convenes UNSC meeting to discuss threats to international peace.
April 08, 2018: Trump slams Putin, Iran for backing "animal Assad" amid chemical attack claims.
Note: Trump's sleazy murderous land thief Saudi, Qatari, Israeli friends make Assad look like an angel.
April 08, 2018: Jaysh Al-Islam accuses Syrian Army of launching chemical attack on Douma, gov’t denies.
Note 1: Jaysh Al-Islam, a Sunni Wahhabist/Salafist terrorist group supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and the US (Donald Trump's best of friends) for sure cannot be trusted. "Birds of a feather flock together."
Note 2: See
Flashback Stories for news links regarding the terrorists having chemical weapons and the countries who are supplying the basic ingredients to them to make the chemical weapons. Some people may be surprised to learn that the US is among one of the suppliers.

April 07, 2018: Dear Trump, fix the books, not China, to cut the deficit.
Note: It would be helpful if Trump learns to read and listen before mouthing-off.
Related link 1: Trump’s fixation on the trade deficit with China is silly - Opinion
Related link 2: US trade in goods with China ‒ 1985-2018.
Related link 3: US trade in services with China ‒ 2011-2015.
April 07, 2018: Experts: Chinese Petro-Yuan to threaten US Petrodollar dominance.
Note: Most Americans are not willing to join the "Dark Side" to prevent China and Russia from rising.
April 07, 2018: 'Robo-Hitler' alarm: Musk's fear of AI 'Immortal Dictator' sets Twitter ablaze.
Note: It sort of sounds like a prediction about the future Jewish antichrist Messiah. P.S.: Jesus Christ is Lord.
Related link 1: Will the antichrist claim to be the Jewish Messiah
Related link 2: Jerusalem will be the capital of the antichrist.

April 07, 2018: Great Return March: 10 Palestinian protesters killed after IDF fire on Gaza border (Videos).
April 06, 2018: Film star Dwayne Johnson promises to take alcohol to Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia.
April 06, 2018: India-Russia set to seal S-400 Triumf missile deal despite threat of US sanctions.
Note: The US Patriot missile system is junk compared to Russia's S-400.
April 06, 2018: Silencing Assange an ‘attack on information' - Danny Glover.
April 04, 2018: Moscow to West: Remember fate of Goliath when trying to cling to power.
Note: Corrupt-greedy politicians-businesspeople are going to bankrupt the US trying to rule-the-world. Artificial intelligence and robotics by the year 2029 will begin to devastate the workforce worldwide, plus the US National debt and US unfunded liabilities are definitely going to ruin the middle class and Poor's future dreams. However, all will be well once the 2x4D printers arrive by circa year 2045, but until then get ready for lots of Hell. Also, Jesus does not return until circa year 3045, so avoid those who preach otherwise.
April 04, 2018: After son's Israel comments, Saudi King reiterates support for Palestine.
April 03, 2018: Report: U.S. dropped plague-infected fleas on North Korea in March 1952.
Related link: GoToHellBugs.com
April 03, 2018: Arab League condemns Israeli violence against Gaza.

April 01, 2018: Skripal case 'provocation' carried out by UK intelligence - Russian Ambassador.
March 31, 2018: 16 dead and 1,400 injured as Israeli troops massacre unarmed protestors.
Note: Many of the Palestinians murdered by the IDF are Christians being killed with weapons made in USA.

March 30, 2018: Saudi 9/11 collusion included aid to hijackers, cash for al-Qaeda - Lawyer.


March 29, 2018: Saudi publicity drive to change image 'fooling nobody': Amnesty.
March 28, 2018: US judge rules against Saudi Arabia in 9/11 case.
Note: Beware of Saudi Wahhabist terrorists.

March 28, 2018: Spread of Wahhabism was done at request of West during Cold War – Saudi crown prince.

March 28, 2018: Syria will expel US and Turkey from country: Shaaban.


March 27, 2018: Nearly 160 countries urge London to provide thorough evidence on Skripals' poisoning.

March 27, 2018: Czech President: Where is Britain's evidence in Skripal case?

March 27, 2018: WW3 is now closer than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
March 27, 2018: US unleashes violence on world ‒ Americans largely unconcerned.

March 25, 2018: Saudi airstrikes leave 600,000 civilians dead, injured: Yemeni ministry.
March 25, 2018: Russian MoD says A234 nerve agent allegedly used against Skripal developed in US.

March 24, 2018: French-Lebanese businessman tells how he helped transfer money to Sarkozy.
Related link 1: Libyan oil, gold, and Gaddafi: The strange email Sidney Blumenthal sent Hillary Clinton in 2011.
Related link 2: Hillary emails reveal NATO killed Gaddafi to stop Libyan creation of gold-backed currency.
Related link 3: Who stole 143 tons of gold from the Libyan people?

March 24, 2018: UN rights body adopts 5 anti-Israel resolutions, urges arms embargo.

March 23, 2018: UN Human Rights Council condemns Israel’s violations in Syria’s Golan Heights.
March 23, 2018: Saudi Arabia will eventually fail in Yemen just like in Syria, Iraq: Houthi.
March 23, 2018: Moscow: Nerve agent code-named ‘Novichok’ was never produced in Russia.

  Arab Spring Timeline:     
  Tunisian Revolution: December 17, 2010.
Egyptian Revolution: January 25, 2011.
Libyan Civil War (2011): February 15, 2011 to present.

Libyan Military Intervention: March 19, 2011.
Syrian Civil War: Spring 2011 to present.
Benghazi Attack: September 11, 2012.
Iraqi Civil War: June 2014 to present.
Ukrainian Revolution: February 14, 2015.
Pro-Russian Rebel Intervention in Ukraine to Stop NATO Aggression: 2014 to present.
Russian Military Intervention in Syria: September 2015 to present.

March 20, 2018: Netanyahu and family to be investigated in corruption case.
March 20, 2018: Moscow warns Washington against conducting strike against Syria.
March 19, 2018: France government keeps targeting BDS supporters.
March 19, 2018: Saif Gaddafi officially runs for Libyan President.
March 19, 2018: Woman struck and killed by self-driving Uber vehicle.
March 19, 2018: US planning to launch attack against Syrian Army 'very soon' - Source.

March 19, 2018: US building new base in oil rich area in Syria's Deir ez-Zor Province - Reports.


March 19, 2018: Most Americans believe 'deep state' manipulates US government: Poll.

March 19, 2018: Documents: Yeltsin was misled by US officials about NATO expansion plans.
Related link 1: Declassified docs prove US repeatedly promised Russia no NATO eastward expansion
Related link 2: Europeans never told that Russia views NATO's eastward expansion as serious threat.
March 18, 2018: As Western influence recedes, Russia looks to fill Lebanon’s power vacuum.
March 17, 2018: Breaking: US to forbid Russia from selling S-400 air defense systems to other countries.
March 17, 2018: US, British, French forces directly involved in Syria war: Russia FM.
March 16, 2018: It's time we rethink the Devil for the Modern Era.

March 16, 2018: Stephen Hawking pinned his hope on 'M-theory' to fully explain the universe - here's what it is.
Note: 'BAM-theory' (Beta/Alpha/Meta) (the 0th, 1st and 2nd spacial dimensions, plus time curled into extra dimensions called "WEIRDOS") blows the doors off M-theory by embracing zero-dimensional infinities like tachyons that then in return form into scalar zerons and supertachyons that in return form into macroworld size structures like our superverse thereby producing an answer to the famous elusive physics "Theory of Everything" (ToE).
March 16, 2018: Stocks on the rise$$$: Soviet-scale mountain of wheat is blow for Russia’s European rivals.
Related link: Thanks to US tariffs, Russia may become the world's largest producer of soybeans.

March 16, 2018: Putin pledges to make Russia world's largest supplier of GMO-free food.
Related link: Russia to become one of leaders in global agriculture in coming years — Putin.
March 15, 2018: Intel says chips addressing flaws set for release this year.
March 14, 2018: 'Every laboratory in the West has samples of 'Novichok' nerve agent' - Analyst.
March 14, 2018: Breaking: UN slam Israeli settlements as “war crimes.”
March 13, 2018: Researchers find 'critical' security flaws in AMD chips.
Related link: MeltdownPrime and SpectrePrime: Researchers nail exploits

March 13, 2018: Lavrov warns of ‘grave consequences’ of US new strike against Syria.
March 13, 2018: Multifunctional metalens unlocks with light.
Related link: A possible experiment to prove that gravity and quantum mechanics can be reconciled.
Quote from article:
"The researchers suggest it will likely be a decade before such an experiment could be carried out due to the necessity of improving scale and the sensitivity involved in such an experiment."
Note: Size matters! Related link: Sub-Angstroms
March 13, 2018: A Bogus ‘compromise’ Senate bill would prolong atrocities in Yemen.
March 12, 2018: Exclusive: The violent reality of the 2017 short subject Oscar winner the "White Helmets."
March 11, 2018: Terrific video allegedly shows new evidence of US pilots intercepting UFO
. Related link.

March 11, 2018: Toxic substances found in opposition forces stronghold – Syrian gov’t.
March 10, 2018: ‘Go back to Raqqa & bury bodies’: Putin calls for investigation into strikes on civilians in Syria.
Related link: Girl in the rubble: Horrific image tells story of tragedy & neglect in liberated Mosul.
March 10, 2018: Skripal provided MI6 with entire telephone directory of Russia's GRU – Reports.

March 09, 2018: Two better than one: Chemists advance sustainable battery technology.
Related: Say goodbye to lithium-ion batteries ‒ All power to the proton: Researchers make battery breakthrough
Note 1: By circa 2045 2D digital info betas "Beta Batteries" will be more efficient than all other forms of batteries
Note 2: By circa 3045 1D linear info alphas "Alpha Batteries" will be more efficient than all other forms of batteries
Note 3: By circa 5000 0D scalar info metas "Meta Batteries" will be more efficient than all other forms of batteries.
March 08, 2018: With laser light, scientists create first X-ray holographic images of viruses.
Note: Size matters! Related link: GoToHellBugs.com.
March 08, 2018: How does the brain's spatial map change when we change the shape of the room?
Related link: What is a Tabūla Mentis
March 07, 2018: Maxwell's demon in the quantum Zeno regime. Related link.
March 07, 2018: Palestinians to hold leadership meeting on April 30.
See Palestinian Loss of Land map listed below.

March 07, 2018: US considering new attack against Syrian gov’t.
Related links:
  US sees no evidence of chemical weapons being used now in Syria – Pentagon.
Militants in Eastern Ghouta prepare provocation involving chemical agents
White Helmets ready for 'false-flag' chemical attack in Syria - Reports
UN can’t verify claims of chemical attacks in Syria ‘independently’ – De Mistura.
Al Nusra, White Helmets may be plotting chemical weapons attack in Syria, military warns.
French minister admits Paris has no hard proof of chlorine use by Damascus.
US has no evidence of sarin gas used in Syria: Pentagon chief.
March 06, 2018: Vice President Pence: US will always stand with Israel.
March 05, 2018: ISIS propaganda video raises questions about deadly mission in Niger.
Related links:
  "Deep State": Trump’s secret rules for killings abroad.
"Deep State": The U.S. military in Africa: A discreet presence in many places.
"Deep State": Secret DOCS reveal: President Trump has inherited an FBI with vast hidden powers.

March 05, 2018: Only one country ready to survive a zombie apocalypse, according to scientists.
Related link: GoToHellBugs.com


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