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Flashback Stories

November 29, 2016: West threatens Russia over Syrian Army advance in Aleppo: Russian DM.
November 28, 2016: Kerry makes ‘unbelievable effort’ to save Syrian rebels from Trump, Russia confirms.
November 28, 2016: Syria denounces Qatar’s pledge to continue support for militants (rebels/Islamic terrorists).
November 27, 2016: Qatar will continue supporting Syria militants (ISIS) even if Trump pulls US out.
November 26, 2016: Care for elderly ‘close to collapse’ across UK as council funding runs out.
November 26, 2016: Fake online reviews: How masking can hide negative comments on TripAdvisor.
November 26, 2016: Who supplied the poisons to the rebels: Russia looks into possible chains supplying toxic substances to Syria from third countries.
November 26, 2016: Syrian army declares liberation of Hanano in eastern Aleppo.
November 26, 2016: Iran considers naval bases in Yemen, Syria.
November 25, 2016: WikiLeaks releases 500 files allegedly showing US 'arming and funding' Yemeni forces.
Related link: August 22, 2016: Yemen offers use of ports, airbases to Russian military.
November 25, 2016: Israeli military court jails two Syrians for blocking ambulance carrying Nusra militants.
November 25, 2016: Nixon 2.0? What’s behind Donald Trump neglecting his intelligence reports.
November 24, 2016: Israeli Army transports jihadist rebels to a local field hospital in the occupied Golan Heights.
November 24, 2016: Are your headphones spying on you?
November 24, 2016: Egypt 'deploys pilots to Syria': Lebanese newspaper.
November 24, 2016: Journalists slam EU Parliament resolution as 'part of war against Russia.'
November 24, 2016: Not so pure after all: 'Dark deeds' of 'White Helmets' in Syria.
November 23, 2016: West already weaponizing fake news.
November 23, 2016: New Oliver Stone documentary blames U.S. for Ukrainian revolutions.
November 21, 2016: Oliver Stone’s film on Ukraine’s Maidan coup to be aired in Russia.
November 19, 2016: Ukrainian prosecutors question Poroshenko for 6 hours about Kiev Maidan riots.
Related link: December 30, 2014: Oliver Stone on Ukraine protests: "The truth is not being aired in the West."
Related links: Colour Revolutions, Orange Revolution, Euromaidan.
November 19, 2016: UK lawmakers approve 'most sweeping' surveillance powers.
November 17, 2016: Kirby goes ballistic exposing US State Dept's true stance on media freedom.
November 16, 2016: Secret document tells Daesh not to attack US coalition planes.
November 16, 2016: French businessman confesses to delivering $5.36 million from Gaddafi to Sarkozy.
November 15, 2016: Assange may ask Trump to end probe.
November 14, 2016: Hillary Clinton probe will ‘absolutely’ continue – House Oversight Committee chair.
November 12, 2016: Soros-fronted orgs among groups calling for anti-Trump protests (Video).
Note: Beware of Colour Revolutions: Rose Revolution, Orange Revolution and Euromaidan type protest tactics.
November 11, 2016: Trump tweets that 'professional protesters' are being incited by the media.
November 09, 2016: Syrian jets destroy Belgian ISIS base in Deir Ezzor.
Note: Belgium is headquarters of the European Union and NATO.
November 08, 2016: Raqqa rift: State Dept says US leaves once ISIS ousted, military plan to hold & govern city.
November 07, 2016: Israeli Defense Forces add 2 militant groups in Syria to Islamic terror list.
November 07, 2016: Syria seizes US, Israeli arms from militants: Video.
November 07, 2016: Outages hit WikiLeaks, Twitter.
November 07, 2016: WikiLeaks releases 8,200 emails from DNC hack; reveals collusion between CNN and Democrats.
November 07, 2016: Trump campaign manager says FBI can’t have checked new Clinton emails thoroughly.
November 07, 2016: Trump: Rank, file FBI agents won't let Clinton escape punishment for 'crimes.'
November 06, 2016: Elon Musk: We need universal income because robots will steal all the jobs.
November 06, 2016: WikiLeaks emails show Chicago mayor used personal domain.
November 06, 2016: Clinton aide says Foundation paid for Chelsea’s wedding, WikiLeaks emails show.
November 06, 2016: Clinton camp warns any WikiLeaks whoppers are probably 'fake.'
November 06, 2016: WikiLeaks: 623 new emails in our Clinton email search system (30945 total).
November 05, 2016: Clinton foundation admits receiving $1mn donation from Qatar that it previously hid.
November 05, 2016: Mounting scandals risk 'forcing Hillary from office' if she is elected.
November 05, 2016: Russia demands Washington explain after reports say US military hacked into Russian networks.
November 05, 2016: Assange: Clinton is a cog for Goldman Sachs & the Saudis (John Pilger exclusive video & transcript).
November 05, 2016: ISIS occupation of Ninewah an "interesting" oil "opportunity."
November 04, 2016: Clinton's charity confirms Qatar's $1 million gift while she was at State Dept.

November 04, 2016: Assange: Clinton & ISIS funded by same money.

November 04, 2016: WikiLeaks: Clinton campaign chairman practices Aleister Crowley black magic.
November 04, 2016: Clinton aide called Comey 'a bad choice' for FBI director, leaked emails reveal.
November 03, 2016: FBI finds emails related to Hillary Clinton's State Department tenure.
November 03, 2016: IRS Dallas office conducting Clinton Foundation probe.
November 03, 2016: AP to Clinton campaign: We are preparing to report FBI has thumb drive, but can be steered away.

November 03, 2016: FBI ‘likely’ to indict Clinton: Sources.
November 03, 2016: Podesta #27: Clinton team 'definitely' withheld more emails from Congress.
November 03, 2016: Russia just got the tools to 'blind' nosey NATO reconnaissance planes in Syria.
November 03, 2016: WikiLeaks' Assange denies Russia behind Podesta hack.
November 03, 2016: FBI sources: Clinton server hacked by 'at least five' foreign Intel agencies, two major Federal probes ongoing.

November 03, 2016: WikiLeaks email shows Justice official alerting Clinton team to House hearing.

November 02, 2016: Secret recordings called "hearsay" fueled FBI feud in Clinton probe.
November 02, 2016: FBI report reveals she forwarded classified data to her private email.
November 02, 2016: Clinton campaign clings to debunked conspiracy theory about Trump's Russian bank.
November 02, 2016: Did WikiLeaks just uncover Clinton’s mole within the DOJ?
November 02, 2016: These WikiLeaks emails prove just what a monster Hillary Clinton is.
November 02, 2016: Gunrunners: Clintons have long history of selling US to Saudi agenda: Analyst
November 02, 2016: WikiLeaks releases 26th batch of Podesta emails from Clinton campaign chair.
November 02, 2016: Exclusive: Source of DNC, Podesta leaks 'comes from within Washington.'
November 01, 2016: Gunrunners: US call for end to airstrikes in Yemen faces backlash from advocacy groups.
November 01, 2016: Podesta To Mills: "We are going to have to dump all those emails."
November 01, 2016: FBI surprises again, shares files on Bill Clinton pardon of Marc Rich.
November 01, 2016: WikiLeaks reveals Google's "strategic plan" to help Democrats win the election, track voters.
November 01, 2016: Is WikiLeaks about to release Hillary's 33,000 deleted emails?
November 01, 2016: Huma's email testimony could haunt her as FBI renews probe.
November 01, 2016: Clinton Foundation scandal: A Justice Department cover-up exposed?

November 01, 2016: 'Dump all those emails': Latest WikiLeaks tranche reveals Podesta advice.
October 31, 2016: Investigating Donald Trump, FBI sees no clear link to Russia.
October 31, 2016: CNN severs ties with Donna Brazile.
October 31, 2016: WikiLeaks release shows Brazile passed along question ahead of CNN debate.
October 31, 2016: Weinergate: FBI obtains warrant to search top Clinton aide Abedin’s emails.
October 30, 2016: Launch imminent of 'Phase Three' of WikiLeaks election coverage.
October 30, 2016: Weinergate: FBI has no warrant to read newly-obtained Clinton emails: Officials.
October 29, 2016: Clinton's most emailed aid in the US State Department, Jake Sullivan, used personal email to talk with Clinton about bringing down Libya.
October 29, 2016: Clinton bemoans US not rigging 2006 Palestinian election in newly-released tape.
October 28, 2016: Weinergate: FBI to re-open investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server.
October 28, 2016: Hillary personally raised cash that went to campaign of wife of FBI official overseeing her investigation.
October 28, 2016: Rise of the Machines: Is artificial intelligence (AI) manipulating our minds? Related link.
October 27, 2016: 5 points on how allies funneled money to Clinton Foundation.
October 27, 2016: 'Bill Clinton, Inc.': WikiLeaks shows links between foundation, personal cash.
October 27, 2016: Assange claims ‘crazed’ Clinton campaign tried to hack WikiLeaks.
October 27, 2016: Labour MPs face backlash over failure to vote on Yemen campaign.

October 27, 2016: School in Syria’s Idlib province not hit by airstrike, drone photos show – Russian MoD.
October 27, 2016: US attack on Syrian Army positions sign of supporting Islamic terrorists - Official.
October 27, 2016: Trump warns of polling machines ‘flipping’ votes to Clinton in Texas.
October 27, 2016: NATO 'posing a threat to the whole world like Hitler's Germany.'
October 26, 2016: You are less anonymous on the web than you think — much less.
October 26, 2016: Precise quantum cloning: Possible pathway to secure communication.
October 26, 2016: US senator speaks of Middle East’s true ‘axis of evil.’
October 25, 2016: The oil-gas war over Syria (in 4 maps).
October 25, 2016: America should quit Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen: The senseless killing must stop.
October 25, 2016: WikiLeaks: Clinton's aide knew Obama received emails sent from Hillary's server.
October 25, 2016: Soros-linked company supplies key battleground states with voting machines.
October 24, 2016: Concern grows over Soros-linked voting machines.
October 24, 2016: Russians conduct nuclear-bomb survival drills as cold war heats up.
October 24, 2016: The WikiLeaks list: At least 65 MSM reporters were meeting with and/or coordinating offline with top Hillary advisors.
October 24, 2016: WikiLeaks Podesta #17: New batch of Clinton campaign chair emails.
October 24, 2016: Clinton ally gave $500K to wife of FBI agent on email probe.
October 24, 2016: Emails show Clinton aides making private server jokes.
October 24, 2016: HRW urges investigation into Kirkuk airstrike.
October 23, 2016: New Podesta email exposes playbook for rigging polls through "oversamples."
October 23, 2016: ISIS fires US-made missiles at Syrian Army in Deir Ezzor.
October 23, 2016: Saudi Arabia ‘deliberately targeting impoverished Yemen’s farms and agricultural industry.’
October 23, 2016: Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton had gun control supporters planted in town hall audience.
October 23, 2016: WikiLeaks puts Clinton adviser Benenson on notice.
October 23, 2016: Environment group named in WikiLeaks email release responds to attacks.
October 23, 2016: WikiLeaks exposes plot to discredit Clinton email investigation.

October 23, 2016: Bill Clinton sex scandals played down in Podesta #16: 'People don't give a rat's ass about Lewinsky.'
October 23, 2016: Erdogan proclaims Mosul and Aleppo belong to Turkey.

October 23, 2016: ISIS fires US-made missiles at Syrian Army in Deir Ezzor.
October 23, 2016: Poll shows Trump 0.3% ahead of Clinton 2 weeks before election.
October 23, 2016: WikiLeaks Podesta #16: Fresh batch of emails from Clinton campaign chair.
October 23, 2016: WikiLeaks: Big donors (Wahhabists) expect Hillary Clinton to 'tweak' policy in their favor.
October 22, 2016: WikiLeaks: Clinton aides scramble to address alleged mistress nicknamed 'Energizer Bunny.'

October 22, 2016: WikiLeaks Podesta #15 emails: ‘Slaughter Donald for Putin bromance.’
October 22, 2016: Clinton lectured State Dept. staff on cybersecurity in 2010 video.
October 21, 2016: State Department releases 122 Clinton emails.
October 21, 2016: 1,000 Clinton-Petraeus emails missing from records sent to State, FBI files show.
October 21, 2016: WikiLeaks: Clinton Foundation paid women less than men.
October 21, 2016: WikiLeaks: Donna Brazile shreds Obama economy.
October 21, 2016: Hidden agenda: US' Syrian 'regime change' operation as part of 'broader plan.'
October 21, 2016: WikiLeaks Podesta emails #14: 'Killary is going to blow it
October 21, 2016: WikiLeaks poisons Hillary’s relationship with left.
October 20, 2016: Russian, Syrian radars prove Belgian jets strike Syrian village - Russian MoD.
October 20, 2016: WikiLeaks taunts Democrats, tweets "it has a surprise in store" for Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile.
October 20, 2016: Podesta emails #13: WikiLeaks releases new batch from Clinton campaign chief.
October 19, 2016: NATO ops caught in Aleppo is West's worry.
October 19, 2016: Clinton emails cast doubt on sworn testimony.
October 19, 2016: WikiLeaks releases another 1,803 Podesta emails in Part 12 of data dump.
October 19, 2016: Traditional keyboard sounds can be decoded, compromising privacy.
October 19, 2016: Newsweek journalist claims US Intelligence fed him false Putin-Trump conspiracy.
October 18, 2016: Kerry asked Ecuador to prevent Assange from releasing Clinton docs - WikiLeaks.
October 18, 2016: Hacked emails prove coordination between Clinton campaign and Super PACs.
October 18, 2016: GOP calls mount for Patrick Kennedy's resignation after FBI revelations.
October 18, 2016: Attempts being made to hinder Trump's path to presidency: Commentator.
October 18, 2016: Podesta leak: Clinton campaign tried to curry favor with major sponsor Soros.
October 18, 2016: WikiLeaks releases 11th batch of leaked emails of Clinton campaign chair.
October 17, 2016: Alex Jones breaking Hillary Clinton child rape of Cathy Obrien! Related link.
October 17, 2016: Companies used Clinton fundraisers to lobby State Department.
October 17, 2016: Podesta emails #10: WikiLeaks releases more emails from Clinton campaign chair.
October 17, 2016: Assange's Internet link intentionally severed by State party - WikiLeaks.
October 17, 2016: Trump’s doubt of US Intel's groundless claims of Russian hack ‘defies logic.’
October 16, 2016: Top GOP lawmaker discusses Clinton’s ‘quid pro quo’ with FBI.
October 16, 2016: WikiLeaks releases 9th batch of Clinton campaign chairman's emails.
October 15, 2016: John Barry, Summer Zervos’ cousin: 5 fast facts you need to know.
October 15, 2016: WikiLeaks releases transcripts of Clinton Goldman Sachs speeches.
October 15, 2016: Snowden ridicules Joe Biden's cyberthreats against Russia.
October 15, 2016: Clinton camp steps up attacks on WikiLeaks, bashes media.
October 15, 2016: WikiLeaks releases 8th batch of emails from Clinton chair Podesta.
October 14, 2016: Does Donald Trump first class “groping accuser” have a history of conflict with Trump Property?
October 14, 2016: WikiLeaks: Hillary staff discussed hiding Obama-Hillary emails from investigators – then deleted them (Video). Obama lied!.
October 14, 2016: Clinton is part of global elite dominating Americans: Trump. See Doomsday Notice.
October 14, 2016: Podesta emails #7: WikiLeaks releases 7th batch of emails from Clinton campaign chair.
October 13, 2016: WikiLeaks Clinton bombshell ‒ ‘foreign government donors: all the money is in.’
October 13, 2016: Air-raid sirens in San Diego and Tacoma; fighter jets seen scrambling, reports of "explosion sounds."
October 13, 2016: Clinton 'does not recall' ordering destruction of emails from personal server in testimony.
October 13, 2016: WikiLeaks releases Podesta emails #6: ‘Clintons won't forget what their friends have done.’
October 12, 2016: Clinton campaign mocks Catholics, Southerners, ‘needy Latinos’ in emails.
October 12, 2016: WikiLeaks releases batch 5 of Podesta emails.
October 12, 2016: WikiLeaks releases another 1,193 emails from John Podesta in fourth data dump.
October 11, 2016: Clinton camp spoke with Justice Dept. during email lawsuit.
October 11, 2016: Revealed: Donna Brazile shared CNN Town Hall questions with Clinton camp.
October 11, 2016: Aggressor squadron? Pics of US jets painted in Russian colors spark Syria false flag conspiracy.
October 11, 2016: WikiLeaks releases another 1,100 emails from John Podesta in third data dump.
October 10, 2016: Hillary in leaked email: Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS.
October 10, 2016: WikiLeaks posts more John Podesta emails.
October 09, 2016: Syria no-fly zone would mean ‘killing a lot of Syrians’ – leaked Clinton speech.
October 08, 2016: Hillary’s campaign claims WikiLeaks emails are ‘fake,’ ‘Russian misinformation.’
October 07, 2016: WikiLeaks releases over 2,000 emails from Clinton campaign chair.
October 07, 2016: Donald Trump: Immigrants are pouring into U.S. so they can vote.
October 07, 2016: White House coordinated on Clinton email issues, new documents show.
October 06, 2016: FBI files reveal stunning new mystery of missing 'boxes' in Clinton email scandal ‒ prepare yourself.
October 06, 2016: WikiLeaks now wants to expose and take down Google.
October 05, 2016: NSA contractor arrested in possible new theft of secrets.
October 04, 2016: Clinton Foundation allegedly hacked exposing thousands of donor databases; "pay to play" folder.
October 04, 2016: Guccifer 2.0 dumps a bunch of Clinton Foundation donor data (updated).
October 04, 2016: WikiLeaks' Assange signals release of documents before U.S. election.
October 04, 2016: Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence - sources.
October 03, 2016: Hillary Clinton considered drone attack on Julian Assange - report.
October 02, 2016: Report: WikiLeaks cancels highly anticipated Tuesday announcement due to 'security concerns.'
October 02, 2016: The New York Times risked legal trouble to publish Donald Trump’s tax return.
October 01, 2016: Hillary Clinton comments on Bernie Sanders supporters in leaked recording.
October 01, 2016: State Department admits it ‘lost’ Clinton Foundation email.
September 30, 2016: Key Hillary Clinton aide repeatedly misplaced sensitive info, according to reports.
September 29, 2016: Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation connection.
September 28, 2016: Saudi Arabia reacts to 9/11 bill veto override.
September 27, 2016: Clinton debate ‘cleaner’ swoops in, proves Hillary cheated
September 22, 2016: House investigators vote to hold Clinton’s email tech in contempt after second no-show.
September 20, 2016: Hillary Clinton email operator may have asked Reddit for help.
September 18, 2016: Ex-Haitian senate leader accuses Clintons of bribery, stealing billions (Video).
September 16, 2016: Senator Grassley: FBI withholding key information about Clinton's deleted emails.
September 16, 2016: Clinton Foundation spent less than 6 percent on charitable grants in 2014.
September 15, 2016: Clinton fights back against lawsuit filed by parents of Benghazi victims.
September 13, 2016: Rogue Libyan government vows to protect national wealth as West demands withdrawal from seized oil ports
September 12, 2016: FBI Director Comey refused to testify on Clinton emails.
September 12, 2016: House Oversight subpoenas FBI for Clinton investigation documents.
September 12, 2016: Research proves Google manipulates millions to favor Clinton.
September 12, 2016: Druze protest Israel aiding jihadist rebels in occupied Golan Heights.
September 11, 2016: Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign.
September 10, 2016: Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation connection
September 10, 2016: WikiLeaks chief warns Hillary a threat to 1st Amendment. Related link: Bill of Rights.
September 09, 2016: Oversight panel zeroes in on deletion of Clinton emails.
September 09, 2016: Schneiderman’s a hypocrite for letting the Clinton Foundation slide.
September 09, 2016: Congress to vote on bill to allow 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia.
September 09, 2016: DOJ reportedly granted immunity to computer expert who deleted Clinton emails.
September 08, 2016: Ralph Nader: Clinton Foundation’s actions should result in indictment.
September 04, 2016: US taxpayers funded Clinton’s private email servers through ‘former Presidents Act.’
September 02, 2016: How the press is making the Clinton Foundation into the new Benghazi.
September 02, 2016: Clinton Foundation’s Sweden affiliate bagged $6 million from undisclosed donors.
September 03, 2016: Clinton email scandal: ‘Whole world should know about her crimes & what she’d like to do.’
September 02, 2016: FBI releases Hillary Clinton email report.
August 28, 2016: Clinton branded ‘insider threat’ in US Army slides: Report.
August 28, 2016: Hillary surrogate begs Fed to artificially prevent market crash until election.
August 28, 2016: Leaked memos show George Soros plotted to oust Putin, destabilize Russia.
August 27, 2016: Pay-to-Play: State Dept to reveal Clinton's meetings with possible donors only after election.
August 27, 2016: Assange: Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich is 'alleged' WikiLeaks source.
August 27, 2016: Article 5: Trump is 'more right than he knows about US NATO pledge.'
August 26, 2016: Gowdy: FBI’s description of Sidney Blumenthal-Hillary Clinton relationship will come as a surprise.
August 26, 2016: Why Hillary Clinton's foundation ties raise ethical concerns.
August 26, 2016: Exclusive: Witness reveals who's to blame for 2013 Ghouta gas attack in Syria.
August 25, 2016: Gowdy: Clinton used special tool (BleachBit) to wipe email server.
August 25, 2016: Will superfast 'quantum' computers mean the end of unbreakable encryption?
August 25, 2016: Scientists discover a 'dark' Milky Way: Massive galaxy consists almost entirely of dark matter.
August 25, 2016: Court orders new Clinton email production by September 13.

August 25, 2016: Assange vows Clinton email release, as storm clouds gather for candidate.

August 25, 2016: Protests against this fracked oil pipeline just keep getting bigger.
August 24, 2016: Amnesty International USA to observe North Dakota pipeline protests.
August 24, 2016: Wikileaks emails show Hillary looked into Parkinson's drug after suffering from "decision fatigue."
August 24, 2016: Wikileaks: 67 emails between Hillary and Chelsea Clinton under her fake name “Diane Reynolds.”
August 24, 2016: AP News (news you can trust): Many donors to Clinton Foundation met with her at State.
August 24, 2016: New evidence Hillary Clinton used State Department post for personal gain?
August 22, 2016: 'Assange kill attempt'? Unknown man climbs Ecuador's London embassy, sheltering WikiLeaks chief.
August 22, 2016: FBI uncovers 15,000 more documents in Clinton email probe.
August 22, 2016: Longtime Clinton aide listed as former assistant editor of radical Muslim magazine - media.
August 21, 2016: Quora question: Does the NSA have all of Clinton's deleted emails?
August 21, 2016: Giuliani: Clinton Foundation should be indicted for racketeering.
August 21, 2016: Irony: FBI, DOJ launch criminal probe of Hillary campaign chair over Putin links.
August 19, 2016: Judge orders Clinton to answer written answers to questions on private email use.
August 18, 2016: UAIN endorses Donald Trump for president citing security concerns - future of America.
August 18, 2016: Green Party nominee calls for Middle East ‘weapons embargo.’
August 18, 2016: The biggest hack yet: Why a leak of Clinton Foundation documents is imminent.
August 16, 2016: ‘You’re welcome’: Snowden casts light on NSA hack.
August 16, 2016: Univision is buying Gawker Media for $135 million.
August 15, 2016: GOP lays out case for charging Clinton with perjury.
August 15, 2016: Clinton Foundation investigation could spell Hillary's doom.
August 15, 2016: Five things that could still go wrong for Hillary Clinton.
August 15, 2016: No tanks! Senators want bipartisan block to Saudi arms sale.
August 14, 2016: Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online.
August 13, 2016: US sees war in Ukraine as advantageous to Clinton: Analyst.
August 13, 2016: Secret file confirms Trump claim: Obama, Hillary 'founded ISIS' to oust Assad.
August 13, 2016: Clinton’s tax returns show income hit, dubious donations.
August 12, 2016: Trump calls Obama and Hillary Clinton the ‘founder of ISIS.’
August 12, 2016: Update: Guccifer 2.0 leaks documents from Nancy Pelosi's personal computer!
August 12, 2016: Report claims DOJ probe of Clinton Foundation, emails ongoing.
August 12, 2016: 96 percent of Hillary’s charitable donations in 2015 went to Clinton Foundation.
August 12, 2016: Wikileaks proves Trump is right: Hacked emails include info on Hillary’s arming of jihadists, including ISIS.
August 12, 2016: Rand Paul: CIA annex in Benghazi shipped arms from Libya to Syria; Clinton lied about it.
August 12, 2016: Tech companies Apple, Twitter, Google, and Instagram collude to defeat Trump.
August 12, 2016: Soros gave Clinton step-by-step instructions on how to tackle Albania unrest – WikiLeaks email.
August 12, 2016: Clinton Foundation had help from Hillary’s top aide.
August 12, 2016: 5 times when the Clintons escaped federal charges.
August 11, 2016: Reporter goes off on spokeswoman over Clinton emails: 'Am I not speaking English?'
August 11, 2016: Exclusive: Joint FBI-US attorney probe of Clinton Foundation is underway.
August 11, 2016: US military 'manipulated' intel in fight against ISIS.
August 10, 2016: Assange implies murdered DNC staffer was WikiLeaks' source.
August 10, 2016: From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton "the murderers" scandal primer.
August 10, 2016: Donald Trump: ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ the ‘founder of ISIS,’ Hillary Clinton co-founder.
August 10, 2016: NSA leaks show worries over intelligence gaps, training tips for media leaks.
August 10, 2016: Critics see signs of improper ties in new Clinton emails.
August 10, 2016: Latest Hillary email scandal reveals State Department "favors" to Clinton Foundation.
August 09, 2016: Champagne socialist Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary, then buys $600,000 lakefront chalet.
August 09, 2016: Emails renew questions about Clinton Foundation and State Department overlap.
August 09, 2016: ‘Kill Russians and Iranians, threaten Assad,’ says ex-CIA chief backing Clinton
August 09, 2016: Hillary’s aides agreed to ‘take care of’ associate of Clinton Foundation insider.
August 09, 2016: Parents of 2 Benghazi victims sue Hillary Clinton.
August 07, 2016: Strider: Cyberespionage group turns eye of Sauron on targets.
August 07, 2016: Cotton: Clinton discussed executed Iranian scientist on email.
August 07, 2016: Dashlane, Google in open source password manager project.
August 07, 2016: WikiLeaks founder promises more Clinton emails, Dems fear 'October surprise
August 07, 2016: Iran says it executed nuclear scientist in U.S. spy mystery.
August 07, 2016: Pakistan deports relentless US spy for second time.
August 06, 2016: Hillary’s odd shaking & brain injury she had in 2012, literal brain damage
August 06, 2016: Clinton's lead over Trump narrows to less than three points: Reuters/Ipsos poll.
August 06, 2016: Julian Assange: We will release more emails on the Clinton Foundation – FBI has enough evidence to indict (Video).
August 06, 2016: Julian Assange special: Do Wikileaks have the email that will put Hillary Clinton in prison?
August 06, 2016: WikiLeaks: Emails from Hillary’s server expose criminal Clinton Foundation.
August 05, 2016: Clinton tries to 'clarify' email comments – and adds to confusion.
August 05, 2016: Shut it down: The Clinton Foundation is too corrupt to exist.
August 04, 2016: Jeep hackers back at Black Hat with new and scarier method.
August 04, 2016: Anonymous leaks Clinton Foundation payoff to Khan.
August 04, 2016: WikiLeaks confirms Hillary sold weapons to ISIS. Then drops another bombshell
August 04, 2016: 10 facts the mainstream media won’t tell you about the war in Syria.
August 03, 2016: Can Hillary Clinton give a straight answer on emails?
August 03, 2016: Trump and Putin: A love story.
August 03, 2016: Obama paid $400M ‘ransom’ to Iran.
August 02, 2016: 3 more top DNC officials out after Wikileaks email release.
August 02, 2016: Trump says November presidential election may ‘be rigged.’
August 02, 2016: NSA has Clinton's deleted emails, whistleblower claims.
August 01, 2016: Julian Assange says “1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection” proves she sold weapons to ISIS in Syria [Video].
August 01, 2016: Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton 'the Devil.'
August 01, 2016: Hillary Clinton slapped with dreaded 'Four Pinocchios' rating for false claim that the FBI director said she told the truth about her classified emails.
August 01, 2016: Gawker founder Nick Denton files for bankruptcy protection.
August 01, 2016: Clinton Cash: Khizr Khan’s deep legal, financial connections to Saudi Arabia, Hillary’s Clinton Foundation tie terror, immigration, email scandals together.
August 01, 2016: Whistleblower's stunning claim: "NSA has all of Hillary's deleted emails, it may be the leak."
August 01, 2016: The Clinton Foundation sure benefited from relationships with the Russians.
July 31, 2016: Julian Assange: Hacked emails include info on Hillary’s arming of jihadists, including ISIS, in Syria.
July 31, 2016: The Clinton Foundation, State and Kremlin connections.
July 30, 2016: Schweizer: Clinton Foundation has large donors with ‘histories of corruption,’ no reason to donate other than buying influence.
July 30, 2016: Hillary Clinton is a war criminal, racketeer: US journalist.
July 29, 2016: Does Julian Assange really have an email that will get Hillary Clinton tossed in prison? (Updated).
July 29, 2016: Russia has motive, capability and form for U.S. email hack.
July 29, 2016: Clinton’s comments on 60 Minutes about private email server now used against her in court.
July 29, 2016: Why didn’t the Democrats even mention the Clinton Foundation?
July 27, 2016: These are the two companies that might land Clinton’s Foundation in big legal trouble.
July 27, 2016: Assange promises to leak ‘a lot more’ materials on US presidential elections.
July 27, 2016: Uh oh. IRS launches investigation into Clinton Foundation at awkward time.
July 27, 2016: More leaks ‘designed’ by Russians to hit Clinton campaign.
July 26, 2016: 'Clinton Cash' author: Where are the Clinton Foundation emails?
July 25, 2016: Clinton practically handed her email password to the Russians.
July 25, 2016: Facebook admits blocking WikiLeaks’ DNC email links, but won’t say why.
July 24, 2016: Wasserman Schultz resigning as party leader.
July 24, 2016: Clinton campaign manager: Russians leaked Democrats’ emails to help Donald Trump.

July 23, 2016: Trump pulls nearly even with Clinton after Republican convention: Reuters/Ipsos poll.
July 23, 2016: Twitter users erupt: #DNCLeaks disappears from trending news as WikiLeaks emails released.
July 23, 2016: Snowden and Huang looking at phone case that tells owners if they are being tracked.
July 22, 2016: Senator stiff-armed over concerns of FBI 'double standard' for Hillary Clinton.
July 22, 2016: Wikileaks proves primary was rigged: DNC undermined democracy.
July 22, 2016: Leaked emails reveal Politico reporter made 'agreement' to send advanced Clinton story to DNC.
July 22, 2016: Only a Trump Justice Department can put Hillary behind bars.
July 21, 2016: Judge rebuffs State Department move to escape GOP requests for Clinton aides' emails.
July 21, 2016: Hillary investigation continues.
July 20, 2016: Another Clinton mystery: Who paid millions for speeches?
July 20, 2016: Judge Napolitan: FBI will sink teeth into 2nd wave of Clinton Foundation investigations.
July 20, 2016: Trump within one percent of Clinton nationally: Poll.
July 19, 2016: Clinton in total denial about FBI director’s conclusions about private email server.
July 19, 2016: WikiLeaks suffers ‘sustained attack’ after announcing megaleak of Turkey govt docs.
July 18, 2016: FBI to start handing over deleted Clinton emails to State on Friday.
July 18, 2016: Decision on Clinton email deposition expected soon.
July 18, 2016: Mother of Benghazi victim: ‘I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son.’
July 18, 2016: How the Clinton Foundation got rich off poor Haitians.
July 17, 2016: Why Hillary Clinton's email case is still not closed.
July 15, 2016: House Republicans push for three different Clinton Foundation probes.
July 15, 2016: Congress publishes redacted 28 pages from 9/11 report.
July 13, 2016: Source: FBI agents believe an ‘inside deal’ protected Hillary Clinton
July 13, 2016: FBI Director Comey was board member of HSBC – Clinton Foundation & drug cartel ‘bank of choice.’
July 13, 2016: Swing-state stunner: Trump has edge in key states (it doesn't pay to be a lying cheat).
July 13, 2016: Guccifer 2.0 releases new DNC docs.
July 13, 2016: Clinton Foundation corruption should be next for the FBI.
July 13, 2016: Rep. McCaul: My new bill would've revoked Clinton's security clearance.
July 13, 2016: Federal judge throws out evidence obtained by 'stingray' trackers.
July 12, 2016: FBI boss Comey connected to Clintion Foundation.
July 12, 2016: FBI agents signed NDA for matters involving Hillary’s emails.

July 12, 2016: House Republicans seek Clinton Foundation investigations.
July 12, 2016: Clinton legal team moves to block deposition in email lawsuit.
July 12, 2016: Lynch refuses to answer questions on Clinton email probe.
July 12, 2016: Hillary Clinton's lead over Trump shrinks after controversial week: Poll.
July 12, 2016: Attorney general faces questions on Bill Clinton meeting, email probe.
July 11, 2016: Ryan's request to block Clinton from intelligence briefings is denied by Clapper the liar.
July 11, 2016: All Russian officials & politicians may face anti-corruption polygraph tests.
July 11, 2016: Clinton charity spends nearly 80 percent on administrative costs.
July 11, 2016: Majority disapprove of decision not to charge Clinton on emails (Poll).
July 11, 2016: Why Hillary needed a private email server.
July 11, 2016: Is the real scandal the Clinton Foundation?
July 10, 2016: Sapochetti: Trump, shift aim to Clinton Foundation.
July 09, 2016: Seven ways FBI contradicted Clinton’s email claims.
July 09, 2016: FBI insider leaks all: Clinton Foundation exposed! Involves entire US government!
July 09, 2016: Clinton too dumb to jail: People laugh as FBI calls Hillary unsophisticated.
July 08, 2016: US House speaker: Clinton must not have access to classified intelligence.
July 07, 2016: FBI source: Clinton Foundation can bring down entire government.
July 07, 2016: FBI won’t rule out probe into Clinton Foundation.
July 07, 2016: Hillary Clinton disqualifies herself.
July 07, 2016: State Department reopens probe into Clinton emails.
July 07, 2016: Trump’s advisor censures US for regime change attempts overseas.
July 07, 2016: Comey testifies Clinton email claims ‘not true’ at heated Hill hearing.
July 06, 2016: Hillary Clinton’s email was probably hacked, experts say.
July 06, 2016: What about the Clinton Foundation investigation?
July 05, 2016: FBI proves Hillary Clinton committed perjury before Benghazi committee.
July 05, 2016: USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll: Clinton's lead over Trump narrows to 5 points.'
July 05, 2016: Republicans to exploit FBI’s failure to charge Hillary Clinton.

July 05, 2016: Trump on Clinton FBI announcement: 'The system is rigged.'
July 05, 2016: Clinton hid thousands of emails, put classified data on her server, but shouldn't be charged - FBI.
July 04, 2016: Wikileaks publishes Clinton war emails.
July 04, 2016: Norway oils Clinton's wheels despite internal criticism.
July 03, 2016: Senator admits the FBI is "about to ask Putin for his copies of Hillary's emails."
July 02, 2016: FBI interviews Hillary Clinton for more than 3 hours in email probe.

July 01, 2016: Gay Talese disavows his book about motel voyeur, then reconsiders.
July 01, 2016: Gay Talese disavows his book about motel voyeur, then reconsiders.
June 30, 2016: Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton creates firestorm for email case.
June 30, 2016: 'She lied to me, then called me a liar on TV': Mother of slain Benghazi victim on Hillary Clinton.
June 29, 2016: New analysis shows 160 emails missing from Clinton's disclosure to State.
June 28, 2016: Ex-Secret Service Agent: "People need to know the real Hillary Clinton and how dangerous she is."
June 28, 2016: 'Tragic failure of leadership': House committee blasts Obama admin and Clinton in Benghazi report.
June 27, 2016: Judge Nap: Leaks could trigger 'Saturday Night Massacre' in Hillary email probe.
June 24, 2016: WikiLeaks has 'a very big year' ahead despite detention: Assange
June 24, 2016: The Syria dilemma: Dissecting the leaked diplomats memo calling for Obama to get tougher on Assad.
June 23, 2016: Clinton's email server ran without security software, new records reveal.
June 21, 2016: Clinton Foundation "hacked by Russians", "foundation vulnerabilities" document leaked.
June 20, 2016: Benghazi without the shame, this time, they don't even bother lying.
June 17, 2016: Guccifer 2.0 leak reveals how DNC rigged primaries for Clinton.
June 15, 2016: Hillary's huge Libya disaster.
June 15, 2016: US media ignores own cyber attacks while inflating alleged foreign hacking.
June 14, 2016: Russia is reportedly set to release Clinton's intercepted emails.
June 10, 2016: NSA looking to exploit Internet of Things, including biomedical devices, official says.
May 31, 2016: Here are Hillary Clinton's private email server misstatements.
May 29, 2016: Did the Clinton Foundation steal from the poor?
May 29, 2016: Hillary Clinton to be indicted on federal racketeering charges.
May 28, 2016: Clinton email headache is about to get worse.
May 25, 2016: This confirms it was a coup: Brazil crisis deepens as evidence mounts of plot to oust Dilma Rousseff.
May 25, 2016: State Department report slams Clinton email use.
May 23, 2016: Speedy terahertz-based system could detect explosives.
May 20, 2016: Computing a secret, unbreakable key.
May 20, 2016: Privacy fears: Panel has advice for drone operators.
May 15, 2016: CIA tip led to the 1962 arrest of 'dangerous communist' Nelson Mandela, says former US spy.
May 13, 2016: WikiLeaks reveal Brazil's new coup president is 'US informant.'

May 09, 2016: Leaked: Saudi King financed Netanyahu’s 2015 election bid.
May 02, 2016: 'Smart home' security flaws found in popular system.
May 02, 2016: Clinton emails ‘far more egregious’ than data breach that has Marine officer facing dismissal.
April 29, 2016: The Supreme Court expands FBI hacking powers.
April 28, 2016: Politician surfs Pornhub during council meeting.
April 27, 2016: State Department belatedly releases Hillary Clinton Benghazi documents.
April 27, 2016: House unanimously passes Email Privacy Act, requiring warrants for obtaining emails.
April 26, 2016: State Department hid key Clinton Benghazi email from judicial watch.
April 23, 2016: Sen. Grassley: FBI investigation of Clinton email server could leak if there is ‘political interference.’
April 23, 2016: Pirate Party’s leader detained in Germany for citing poem about Erdogan.
April 22, 2016: ISIS suspect reveals plans to open up route from Syria to U.S. through Mexico.
April 22, 2016: Dutch PM seeks answers from Ankara as local Turks urged to report those insulting Erdogan.
April 21, 2016: Scars of shame: Lewinsky calls for compassion for victims of cyberbullying.
April 21, 2016: ‘Terrorism investigation’ Court lets NSA collect telephone records data.
April 19, 2016: Secret spy court scolded NSA, FBI for not deleting data.
April 19, 2016: Yes, Bernie Sanders will become president. Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation isn’t a ‘nothingburger.’
April 19, 2016: Report: State Department steered $13 million to Clinton Foundation donor.
April 17, 2016: Russian lawmaker joins chorus slamming Clinton for destroying Libya.
April 16, 2016: Saudi Arabia wants US to kill 9/11 bill, threatens to dump US assets worth $750 bn – report.
April 12, 2016: Trump says Hillary Clinton is 'guilty as hell' in email scandal as he previews November contest: 'Her whole life has been a big, fat, beautiful lie!'
April 11, 2016: Obama’s “worst mistake” could be bad news for Clinton.
April 11, 2016: Uh oh: US extradites Romanian hacker tied to Hillary email scandal.
April 11, 2016: U.S. Navy officer suspected of passing secrets to Taiwan, China.
April 10, 2016: Cameron should answer big questions at parliament: Corbyn.
April 08, 2016: Top secret "28 pages" may hold clues about Saudi support for 9/11 hijackers.
April 07, 2016: Case closed: Putin not on offshore fraudster list, has nothing to add.
April 06, 2016: US government, Soros funded Panama Papers to attack Putin – WikiLeaks.
April 03, 2016: Giant leak of offshore financial records exposes global array of crime and corruption.
March 27, 2016: Google upgrades warnings to alert users to when Big Brother is watching.
March 27, 2016: Reflection-removing camera: Device uses depth sensor and signal processing to capture clear images through windows.
March 25, 2016: Ransomware hackers steal a hospital. Again.
March 22, 2016: The great game & partitioning of Syria.

March 22, 2016: Researchers found flaw in Apple message encryption.
March 22, 2016: McAfee: I know who's helping the FBI hack Apple.
March 22, 2016: New emails highlight interaction between State, Clinton Foundation.
March 21, 2016: U.S. says it may not need Apple’s help to unlock iPhone.
March 21, 2016: Is someone watching you online? The security risks of the Internet of Things.
March 21, 2016: Hulk Hogan awarded another $25M from Gawker and its founder.
March 18, 2016: The price of Hulk Hogan's privacy: Here's how much of the $115 million he'll probably get.

March 18, 2016: Clinton’s email: Israeli Intel claims Sunni-Shiite war good for West.
March 16, 2016: Investigation: Hillary sent dozens of emails on her BlackBerry from Russia and China, raising risk profile.
March 16, 2016: Hillary faces national security establishment ‘uprising’ over emails.
March 12, 2016: Obama sends tech leaders warning on encryption.
March 11, 2016: Hulk Hogan’s lawyers rest case in $100M sex tape lawsuit against Gawker.
March 10, 2016: DOJ: Apple 'deliberately' made hurdles to FBI probe.
March 09, 2016: ‘That’s horse sh*t!’: FBI can already unlock iPhone without Apple’s help – Snowden.
March 09, 2016: FBI changes rules on accessing NSA data on Americans, but won’t say how.
March 07, 2016: Erin Andrews awarded $55 million in Marriott lawsuit.

March 07, 2016: MIT's new 5-atom quantum computer could make today's encryption obsolete.
March 04, 2016: Hulk Hogan’s suit over sex tape may test limits of online press freedom.
March 03, 2016: Saudi's exploding Christmas gifts from Hillary Clinton.
March 03, 2016: Just when you thought the Erin Andrews story couldn't get any worse.

March 03, 2016: US wants Assad out for not backing Qatari pipeline: Kennedy.
March 02, 2016: Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server.

March 1, 2016: Cable, Dutch gov’t official: Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen motivated by US-backed pipeline fantasy.
February 28, 2016: Chris Rock who was linked to perverted Hollywood Wiretap Scandal hosts Oscars.
February 24, 2016: Federal judge says photographing police not always protected by 1st Amendment.
February 24, 2016: Lockdown: Apple could make it even tougher to hack Phones.
February 23, 2016: U.S. judge orders discovery to go forward over Clinton’s private email system.
February 23, 2016: John McAfee blasts FBI for ‘illiterate’ order to create Apple iPhone backdoor (EXCLUSIVE).
February 22, 2016: Zuckerberg on Apple: 'We believe in encryption.'
February 21, 2016: Protests planned across US to back Apple in battle with FBI.
February 21, 2016: Smartphones to replace cards at bank machines.
February 19, 2016: At least 1,730 Clinton emails contain classified material.
February 17, 2016: Tim Cook opposes order for Apple to unlock iPhone, setting up showdown.
February 16, 2016: Email shows Hillary ordering aide to ‘remove the heading’ from Sid Blumenthal message.
February 13, 2016: Libya is “Hillary’s war” – Released emails show depth of Hillary Clinton ownership.
February 11, 2016: Debate in Wisconsin; moderator donated to Clinton Foundation.
February 11, 2016: Hillary Clinton foundation rep: We received subpoena.
February 08, 2016: FBI formally confirms its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server.
February 05, 2016: Pentagon releases Bush-era torture pictures after 12-year-long legal battle.
February 05, 2016: Julian Assange: 'sweet' victory soured by British and Swedish rejection.
February 04, 2016: Classified data found in personal email of Colin Powell and aides to Condoleezza Rice.
January 03, 2016: Emails reveal: As citizens drink contaminated water, State workers drink bottled during crisis.
January 31, 2016: Bad news for attackers: VirusTotal can scan for malicious code in firmware.
January 29, 2016: Government declares 22 Clinton emails 'top secret.'
January 29, 2016: Scholars look to early 20th century radio technology to help improve Internet security.
January 25, 2016: Film goes behind the scenes of Anthony Weiner scandal.
January 25, 2016: NSA director actually says encryption backdoors are a bad idea.
January 24, 2016: Video: 18 year old Ted Cruz aspired to take over the world, become a dictator.
January 24, 2016: Hillary’s team copied intel off top-secret server to email.
January 23, 2016: Benghazi victim’s sister unhappy with Clintons’ breezy Benghazi attitude.
January 20, 2016: Report: Hillary Clinton server contained highly classified intel.
January 20, 2016: ’90s scandals threaten to erode Hillary Clinton’s strength with women.
January 17, 2016: Hillary told daughter Chelsea that an 'Al-Qaeda-like group' carried out the Benghazi attack in an email sent the night of the deadly consulate assault.
January 13, 2016: Hillary Clinton's coming legal crisis.
January 13, 2016: Benghazi panel chair: Clinton's email setup is a 'smoking gun.'
January 12, 2016: Iran disables two US spy vessels, and captures crews.
January 11, 2016: FBI broadens investigation into Clinton emails.
January 09, 2016: Hillary’s EmailGate goes nuclear.
January 09, 2016: Clinton email about non-secure fax re-ignites concerns about her sidestepping security measures.
January 08, 2016: Microsoft blog on Windows 10 raises privacy protection eyebrows.
January 08, 2016: Senator: Newly released Clinton email 'disturbing.'
January 07, 2016: Father of Benghazi victim challenges Hillary to lie detector test: video.
January 07, 2016: Gaddafi accused Blair of "supporting Al-Qaeda," unseen phone transcripts reveal.
January 06, 2016: New ways your smartwatch (and phone) may be spying on you.
January 06, 2016: Ransomware ported to web languages poses serious threat.
January 05, 2016: Former U.S. attorney: Clinton could face criminal indictment.
January 01, 2016: Microsoft to warn users about 'nation-state' intrusion.
December 31, 2015: Malware seen turning systems into proxies without consent.
December 30, 2015: Spying on Congress and Israel: NSA cheerleaders discover value of privacy only when their own is violated.
December 18, 2015: Some quantum cryptography systems vulnerable to hacking, study shows.
December 18, 2015: Sanders camp accuses DNC of move to 'undermine' campaign, as spying dispute flares.
December 18, 2015: Obama to sign cybersecurity bill as privacy advocates fume.
December 18, 2015: WiFi signals can be exploited to detect attackers.
December 17, 2015: Senate panel wants Defense chief's email.
December 16, 2015: Clinton emails reportedly still ‘top secret.’
December 16, 2015: Hillary says relatives of Benghazi heroes are liars.
December 14, 2015: Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton over Benghazi and Isis, blaming her for hundreds of thousands of deaths.
December 11, 2015: Benghazi email implicates Hillary.
December 11, 2015: State Department can't find emails of top Clinton IT staffer.
December 09, 2015: Hillary Clinton’s most repugnant lie.
December 07, 2015: New untraceable text-messaging system comes with statistical guarantees.
December 03, 2015L Judicial Watch: New State Department emails reveal Hillary Clinton slept past staff efforts to set up intelligence briefing.
November 01, 2015: New emails cast doubt on Rice and Clinton's Benghazi story.
December 01, 2015: FBI accessed personal web history, location data without warrant – court docs.
November 30, 2015: High-tech Barbie stokes privacy fears.
November 30, 2015: US ends bulk collection of phone data.
November 30, 2015: Clinton opened State Department office to dozens of corporate donors, Dem fundraisers.
November 23, 2015: Analysts accuse CENTCOM of covering up cooked ISIS intelligence.
November 16, 2015: Email reveals top aide Huma Abedin warning State Department staffer that Hillary Clinton is “often confused.”
November 16, 2015: After Paris attacks, here's what the CIA director gets wrong about encryption.
November 12, 2015: Report: FBI expands felony probe in Clinton email scandal.
November 10, 2015: FBI steps up interviews in Clinton email probe.
November 09, 2015: Judge deals a blow to NSA data collection program.
November 01, 2015: IRS target: 'Justice in their hands is a mockery.'
November 01, 2015: Libya embassy email warned Clinton not to emphasize video.
October 29, 2015: Hillary Clinton and Obama’s lies on Benghazi — too many to count, but let’s try.
October 27, 2015: House Republicans move to impeach IRS head, Mr. Turtle.
October 25, 2015: Benghazi hearings show that Clinton lives in a bubble of deniability.
October 25, 2015: Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton lied under oath at Benghazi Committee hearing [video].
October 25, 2015: How GOP bogeyman Sidney Blumenthal advised Clinton on Israel.
October 25, 2015: Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton was ‘bugging’ Obama to intervene in Libya.
October 24, 2015: 'Serial liar': Families of Benghazi victims blast Clinton on Benghazi.
October 24, 2015: She lied to the nation in 2012, and she’s lying again now. You don’t look surprised.
October 23, 2015: These 3 emails show what Hillary was really saying about Benghazi.
October 23, 2015: Effort to recover missing Clinton emails fails.
October 23, 2015: State can’t verify Clinton email claim made at Benghazi hearing.
October 23, 2015: Clinton's testimony includes new inconsistencies.
October 23, 2015: 4 times Sidney Blumenthal was more than just ‘a friend’ to Hillary Clinton.
October 23, 2015: Timeline: Gowdy Committee verifies Hillary Clinton's Benghazi cover up.
October 23, 2015: No orange jumpsuit for Lois Lerner.

October 22, 2015: Clinton says source of Libya intelligence was a mystery.
October 22, 2015: Watch: Gowdy confronts Hillary on ‘unsolicited’ Sidney Blumenthal emails.
October 21, 2015: FBN Exclusive: DOJ officials fear foreign telecoms hacked Clinton emails, server.
October 19, 2015: Stoner high school kid claims to have hacked CIA Director's email account.
October 18, 2015: Gowdy: New Benghazi emails show 'disconnect' with Washington.
October 17, 2015: Hillary’s gun confiscation proposal is going to backfire in a big way.
October 08, 2015: Gowdy: Newly discovered e-mails suggest Clinton influenced by Blumenthal’s business in Libya.

October 06, 2015: On CNN's Don Lemon show, former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura, author of American Conspiracies, together with Dick Russell, warns people to beware of electronic voting machine fraud.
October 06, 2015: Political betting market raises questions about insider trading.
October 06, 2015: Connecticut firm backed up Clinton’s server, might still have personal emails.
October 06, 2015: State Department issues letter to Clinton lawyer seeking more emails from her time at agency.
October 05, 2015: Scandal erupts in unregulated world of fantasy sports.
October 05, 2015: Supreme Court denies request to hear insider trading case.
October 05, 2015: Report: Clinton legal adviser urging Hillary to hire criminal defense lawyer.
October 05, 2015: GCHQ's surveillance hasn't proved itself to be worth the cost to human rights.
September 30, 2015: Watchdog: Secret Service leaked information on Chaffetz.

September 30, 2015: WikiLeaks cables implicate UK & Saudi Arabia in secret deal to secure UNHRC seats.
September 29, 2015: What was a member of Clinton's 'secret spy network' doing while working for CBS News?
September 28, 2015: State Department says classified material on Hillary's home-brew server was so sensitive that the safe it gave her lawyer to store the emails wasn't secure enough.
September 27, 2015: Government finds emails with David Petraeus that Hillary Clinton didn't hand over.
September 24, 2015: FBI arrests Chinese millionaire once tied to Clinton $$ scandal.
September 24, 2015: Emails to hound Clinton for months.
September 22, 2015: FBI said to recover personal e-mails from Hillary Clinton server.
September 21, 2015: Grassley blasts FBI over Clinton emails.
September 14, 2015: New bombshell: 5-month gap in Hillary emails.

September 12, 2015: Tech company: No indication that Clinton’s e-mail server was "wiped."
September 11, 2015: HEADGATE: 2007 Spygate investigation included signal jamming accusation.
September 10, 2015: FBI and Apple's encryption.
September 10, 2015: Wall Street expert: Clinton Foundation a "vast criminal conspiracy."
September 08, 2015: A tricky path to quantum-safe encryption.
September 08, 2015: Wall Street expert: Hillary Clinton was warned Benghazi terrorists used YouTube video as "cover."
September 09, 2015: Microsoft case: DOJ says it can demand every email from any US-based provider.
September 08, 2015: Apple refused court order to decrypt iMessages for DOJ; DOJ debates what to do.
September 08, 2015: Clinton says private email was a mistake, says she's sorry.
September 08, 2015: Second review finds classified material was in Hillary Clinton email: report.
September 02, 2015: IRS lawyer who headed Lerner email release present when markings on Clinton emails changed.
September 02, 2015: Miles from nowhere.
September 02, 2015: Bryan Pagliano, Clinton’s former tech staffer, will plead the Fifth in email investigation.
September 02, 2015: Exclusive: Hillary paid to hide identity of the people running her email server.
September 01, 2015: Clinton emails contained spy satellite data on North Korean nukes.
September 01, 2015: Sources: Clinton email markings changed to hide classified info.
August 31, 2015: Exclusive: Hillary shared an email network with the Clinton Foundation.
August 31, 2015: 150 Clinton emails released contain now-classified info.
August 27, 2015: For Hillary Clinton, email no longer a joking matter.
August 25, 2015: Should Hillary Clinton Suspend Her Campaign?
August 25, 2015: Hunter Biden denies Ashley Madison account belongs to him. Hunter Biden Ukraine gas company connection.
August 20, 2015: Drawing a blank: Devices from Clinton, aides wiped clean.
August 12, 2015: Hillary Clinton to hand over email server to the FBI.

August 11, 2015: ‘Top Secret’ emails found as Clinton probe expands to key aides.
August 11, 2015: 32 charged in $100M insider-trading hacking plot.

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