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NOTICE: Tabūla Mentis Corporation, the parent company of SpyScandals.com and Alphatron.org, has decided to boycott anti-BDS movements, religious organizations who preach false narratives about the Palestinians and Zionist entities including Israel until the following conditions are met.
October 21, 2018: Jordan King to abandon part of 1994 peace treaty with Israel on land lease.
Note: Israel offered Syria part of Jordanian land that Israel had no right to give away in exchange for the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights, but Syria refused. A year later in 2011 terrorists supported by the Israeli antichrist regime invaded the Syrian side of the Golan and southern Syria in a failed attempt to make southern Syria a buffer zone so the Israeli regime could eventually steal even more land from Syria. Sorry to inform you Israel, but there is a Hell and Father in Heaven is going to send the Israeli evildoers, and its surrogates to Hell.
October 20, 2018: Trump "confirms" he's pulling US out of nuclear deal with Russia. Related link.
Note: In the early 90s the US, West and NATO promised Russia that NATO would not expand beyond its back then boundaries, but they did it anyway, so Russia naturally took self-defensive measures because Russia has had experience with the Saudi Wahhabist and Zionist antichrist movement in the more recent past who are most likely behind NATO's encroaching ambitions. Trump is not a Christian, nor does Trump like the Russian Christians. Trump is a phony closet queer who acts bad, but likes it in the rear-end. Just ask Stormy Daniels. Adolf Hitler was also a closet pervert like Trump and even the Zionists have similarities to the Nazis'. And the Wahhabists would like for everyone to revert back to the stone age, as well as some ultra-orthodox Christians and Jews. P.S.: Whether Jews and people in general like it, or not, there is a Hell and a Satan, and there are most likely people in existence who are called the Metatrons (Father and Mother Nature in the Heavens).
October 20, 2018: Syrians in occupied Golan burn Israeli election ballots, protest Judaization.
Related link: Commentary: Netanyahu's view on Golan Heights
October 20, 2018: Arab League condemns US decision to merge embassy, consulate in Jerusalem.



Which person listed below do you trust the most?
Each one including their surrogates are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.



King of Saudi Arabia:
Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Emir of Qatar:
Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

Prime Minister of Israel:
Benjamin Netanyahu

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October 19, 2018: Time for a unified front on Jerusalem.

October 19, 2018: Democrats seek answers over Trump "personal enrichment" from Saudi government.
Related link: Trump registered eight companies in Saudi Arabia during campaign ‒ Report
Note: It will be a great day when American's begin to ask how much politicians on both sides of the aisle, businesses and religious institutions are getting under the table from Palestinian land theft blood money incentives.
October 19, 2018: Tusli Gabbard weighing 2020 presidential bid. Related link: Run Tulsi Run.
October 18, 2018: Gabbard: Trump a businessman without conscience.

October 18, 2108: Vandals destroy Christian cemetery in Israel in apparent hate crime.
Note: Do not hold your breath for those phony Christians Trump and Pence to denounce this hate crime like those Zionists did back in 2017 when several Jewish gravesites were damaged. Trump, Pence and others like them are guilty of blasphemy for helping to eliminate Christians in the Middle East. Their actions will increase Sunni Wahhabists and Judaic antichrist terrorists in the Middle East, and beyond. Related link.
October 18, 2018: Lebanese defense minister hails Turkish support for army.
Note: Maybe Turkey will do a good deed and help Lebanon throw the Israeli regime out of southern Lebanon?

October 18, 2018: Israel to destroy Syria's S-300 defense system ‒ US general says.
Note: This is another reason why Russia should deploy nuclear weapons in Syria. Just in case someone out there does not know, Syria and Lebanon are getting in the way of the Israeli antichrist regime's Promised Land land theft movement ambitions that is already threatening the Russian Christians, and Russia is very well aware of it.

October 17, 2017: "Palestine is not UN member state or any state at all" ‒ Nikki Haley.
Note: Then maybe Palestine should officially declare itself a sovereign state and ask for foreign financial, and military assistance to help protect its borders? After that Palestine should declare all former Palestinian land seized by Israel an illegal occupation of Palestine? This should have happened years ago, but why didn't it? Doing so would put an end to any plans for a one-state or two-state solution which the Zionist movement appears to be interested in neither. But why should Christians, Muslims, Druze, etc. care about what the antichrist movement wants unless they are being financially rewarded one way or another from land theft blood money? Anyone who is religious who knows about the antichrist should know the antichrist is going to be a scourge to the entire planet in the near future. A reasonable two-state solution would be the best of all outcomes that returns to the 1947 UN plan illustrated below or a reasonable compromise that both parties can agree to that is mediated through an unbiased arbitrator.

October 15, 2018: "After Idlib, our next target is east of the Euphrates" ‒ Syrian FM
Note: And then the Israeli-occupied
Syrian Golan Heights after that.
October 15, 2018: Cherokee Nation responds to Senator Warren's DNA test.
October 15, 2018: Warren releases results of DNA test.
Note: Native Americans in most circumstances must be at least 50% indigenous Native American in order to qualify for benefits afforded to Native Americans. Having a small mix dating back six to ten generations does not qualify thereby suggesting Elizabeth Warren may have fraudulently applied for benefits in the past.
US congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard would make a much better Democrat presidential candidate in 2020.

October 15, 2018: US weapons sales surge by one-third under Trump's policies.
Note: Instead of selling more agricultural grains, etc. to foreign markets Trumps prefers to sale weapons to the enemy who has supported his past personal interests. Saudi Arabia was mostly responsible for 9/11.
October 15, 2018: Commentary: Netanyahu's view on Golan Heights.

October 15, 2018: Video shows bus hit by Saudi jets littered with groceries.
October 14, 2018: UN relief official in Yemen condemns "horrific" attack on passenger buses.

October 14, 2018: Netanyahu says Israel is preventing radical Islam from overrunning Middle East.
Note: (1): What Netanyahu is not telling you is that the Israeli regime wants to steal land from Muslims who resist Israel's land thief movement for profit. (2): What no one is taking about including phony Christian ministries, politicians, etc. is the disappearance of many Palestinian Christians who tried to resist Israel's land theft movement. Why isn't Netanyahu not calling the ones who resisted radical Christians. (3): Israel has been supporting radical Islamic terrorists in Syria and elsewhere. (4): Israel has been trying to create a radical Sunni Islamic Wahhabist Kurdish terrorist militia in Syria and beyond. (5): Israel is trying to prevent Iran from stopping terrorists in the Middle East. (6): Israel is mainly responsible for the unrest in the Middle East with their radical land theft Promised Land (fantasy land) philosophy. (7): Netanyahu, Fox Cable News and others may be using the excuse of "radical Islam," or any other group who resist Israel's land theft ambitions as an excuse to liquidate the enemy so in fact Israel can take their land so Israel and its Western backers can pocket profits from land theft. The list goes on and on. See the below listed related links and notes for more information.
October 14, 2018: US needs a space force because Russia is ahead on it, Trump says.
Note: The US, Russia and China each need an independent space force like they need a hole in their head. Has not anyone ever watched Star Trek. In Star Trek you do not see earthlings competing against each other for space dominance, nor should we try such a foolish endeavor. A treaty needs to be signed by all participants so inspections and mutual cooperation can be achieved without accelerating an already dangerous ideology.
October 14, 2018: Russia claims they have information about chemical weapons provocation in Idilb.
October 14, 2018: Stock bubble bigger than 2008 & coming crash far larger, warns Peter Schiff.
October 13, 2018: Decentralization in Syria: A lesser evil.
Note: What is not acceptable is the US and the Israeli regime's plan for a united Kurdish terrorist state, nor is it acceptable how the US Syrian coalition and possibly the Israeli antichrist cowardly killed hundreds of Syrian soldiers, and Russian militiamen over a period of several years near Deir ez-Zor in order to capture oil fields. Read past links and notes for more information.
October 13, 2018: Deterioration of Russia-US relations negatively affects international security ‒ Diplomat.
Note: Instead of being friends with the Russian Christians, Americans have sold their soul to the devil by supporting Saudi Wahhabists and the Israeli regime antichrist Zionists.

October 13, 2018: Jewish extremist settlers stone Palestinian woman to death.
October 13, 2018: Seven unarmed people executed by Israeli regime sniper fire in Gaza.


October 12, 2018: Russia says Iran's presence in Syria none of Israel's business.


October 12, 2018: Russia tests its nukes in large-scale drills ‒ Videos.


Note: Turkey needs to stop supporting terrorists in Syria and Libya.

October 12, 2018: US up to purge in dangerous game in Syria with idea of unified Kurdistan ‒ Lavrov.
Note: Each country in the Middle East with a significant population of Kurds are worried the Kurds might fight for independence and are worried the Kurds may try to unite to overthrow each country in which they are located. The main architects of this malicious insidious plan may have been the late Senator John McCain, our friend Lindsey Graham and hawks within the Israeli antichrist regime.
October 12, 2018: "Entire Middle East" should look like Israel ‒ Pompous Pompeo.
Note: Israel is sort of like Las Vegas, everything is practically new like a sparkling diamond. Israel is also new, except Israel was built with blood money from stolen Palestinian land. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordon, etc. could also look like that too, but only if the Israeli antichrist regime could steal them remaking them their Promised Land (fantasy land) with the help of Westerners like pompous Pompeo. And just think of all the money the Western thieves could make from land sales and natural resources. But what about the hardship the people over there will have to endure? Does not anyone care about them? What comes around goes around.
October 11, 2018: US military sends new military aid to Syria's Kurds.
Note: As SpyScandals.com has mentioned before in previous notes the US is helping the Israeli antichrist regime setup a terror network in Syria that would eventually spread throughout all of Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Armenia where large populations of Kurds already exist. The ultimate goal is for a Sunni Wahhabist Kurdish militia to become powerful enough to takeover the aforementioned countries transforming them into one big terrorist state. After that with the help of the US and the Israeli antichrist regime the Kurds would expand their terror network throughout Eurasia, Asia, Europe, Africa, and eventually into the Americas. The big question is why are people sitting back allowing this fanatic antichrist prophecy to reach fruition? Apparently, there are too many faux Christian ministries who have joined with the Israeli antichrist regime land theft movement for profit or for other reasons that is responsible for the death of most Christians in the Middle East, or there are too many Christians who think they are Christians who are not responding to the horrors going on in the Middle East? Instead of Iran (who is fighting the terrorists) having a land bridge between the Arabian Sea to the Mediterranean, the US wants the Kurdish terrorists to have it instead. The Kurds will be sorry they ever listened to the West.

October 11, 2018: ISIS seizes chemical substances from Nusra Front in northern Syria.

October 11, 2018: American grad student in "longest ever" boycott-related detention in Israeli regime.
Note: The more a person studies Israel the more they learn that Israel is a fascist apartheid country that has very close similarities to the Nazis and the antichrist.

October 10, 2018: Syria writes to UN to condemn Israeli regime jail sentence of Syrian man in Golan.
Note: The more a person studies Israel the more they learn that Israel is a fascist apartheid country that has very close similarities to the Nazis and the antichrist.

October 10, 2018: Russia: America's stealth fighters and bombers are "paper fiction."
Note: While the US has been building expensive stealth technology milking the taxpayer dry Russia has been creating stealth detection systems. Besides all of that the new advanced quantum radar systems that will be arriving soon will make today's stealth technology obsolete.
October 10, 2018: Be worried: Russia just escalated conflict against America in Syria.
Note: This is an oxymoron article by the land thieves in Washington D.C.. Correction: Russia belongs in Syria, America does not. Read the note below dated October 06, 2018 for more information.
October 10, 2018: Israeli regime strikes in Syria to continue despite S-300 delivery ‒ Netanyahu.
Note: The Israeli antichrist wants what the Israeli antichrist wants, and that is to steal and rape people of their property and possessions, and to kill, kill, kill. That is why Russia needs to seriously consider installing nuclear weapons in Syria and then to warn others that if they fire on them they will return fire.
October 10, 2018: Libya seeks international community's aid to solve country's ongoing crisis ‒ Envoy to US.
Note: The UN and NATO supports US oil theft interests, and Zionist land theft interests, however most of Libya, and its oil is controlled by military strongman Khalifa Haftar of the LNA ‒ Libyan National Army (The Good Guys) who is backed by Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
October 09, 2010: Russia isn't turning Libya into the "new Syria," but it wouldn't hurt if it tried.
October 09, 2018: Israeli regime arrests US student for supporting Palestinian cause.
Note: The more a person studies Israel the more they learn that Israel is a fascist apartheid country that has similarities to the Nazis and the antichrist.
October 08, 2018: Is dark energy even allowed in string theory?
Note: String theory is now known as M-theory, however BAM-theory is even better.

October 08, 2018: Major climate report describes a strong risk of crisis as early as 2040.
Note: It is very interesting how the scientist's year 2040 prediction coincides with a timeline from the parent company of SpyScandals.com. As you will see in the timeline there are solutions that are currently in the design phase to solve everyone of those upcoming dilemmas. What the scientist's are not telling you is if we were to stop polluting the atmosphere it would take somewhere between 500 to 1,000 years for Earth's atmosphere to naturally scrub itself back to where it was before the beginning of the industrial revolution. And even then if we were to stop all pollution now things would still continue to get worse before the slow healing process would begin. So, you may wish to think about it in great detail first before you start plucking down your hard earned money on untested ineffective innovations just in case money is the main motivation behind the climate report.

  Arab Spring Timeline:     
  Tunisian Revolution: December 17, 2010.
Egyptian Revolution: January 25, 2011.
Libyan Civil War (2011): February 15, 2011 to present.

Libyan Military Intervention: March 19, 2011.
Syrian Civil War: Spring 2011 to present.
Benghazi Attack: September 11, 2012.
Iraqi Civil War: June 2014 to present.
Ukrainian Revolution: February 14, 2015.
Pro-Russian Rebel Intervention in Ukraine to Stop NATO Aggression: 2014 to present.
Russian Military Intervention in Syria: September 2015 to present.
October 08, 2018: Netanyahu plans to discuss with Putin Iran's military presence in Syria.
Note: Of course Netanyahu wants for the Iranian resistance to be removed from Lebanon, Syria and Iraq where the Israeli antichrist land thieves wish to expand their fanatic Promised Land that has endless boundaries including Iran. Read some history books and you may begin to understand how history tends to repeat itself.
October 07, 2018: US should formally recognize Israeli regime sovereignty over the Golan Heights.
Note: The US has no standing over the Israeli-occupied Syrian territory. Syria should dig-in along the Syrian side of the Golan in southern Syria where Israel was hoping to create a buffer zone so they could steal the Syrian side of the Golan. Syria should have troops, heavy artillery, rockets and whatever else as close as possible to the Golan that will make Israel think twice before taking something that does not belong to them. The way Israel scams people of their land and resources is by creating buffer zones, and then occupying them, and then creating new buffer zones in a continuous never ending cycle until they hope to rule the world with their radical fanatic
antichrist philosophy in which they plan to convert Christians, Muslims, and anyone else into believing their future B.S. Messiah, or else. Like they say in "fake" Hollywood ‒ "Good Luck."
P.S.: Just in case Christians are not aware ‒ according to the Christian Bible the Christians, Muslims (excluding
takfiri, Wahhabists and non-believers who naturally gravitate towards the antichrist), Asians, Druze, Yazidis, etc. will defeat the antichrist in Israel (Israeli-occupied Palestine) during the Cataclysm prior to the Millennial Kingdom. See timeline.
October 07, 2018: Israeli regime PM's wife goes on trial in delivery meals case. Her husband Bibi will be next.
October 07, 2018: Trump calls Democrats "too dangerous" to govern amid Kavanaugh confirmation.
Note: Gemini Trump was a Democrat until he considered running against Hillary Clinton for president. Trump is a sick twisted closet queer pervert pro-social psychopath who has sold his sick soul to the Israeli antichrist and Saudi Wahhabist. Sicko Trump should prepare to leave office in 2020 for when Democrat congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard politically whips his ugly rear-end.
October 07, 2018: US copters evacuate ISIS militants from Syria's Deir ez-Zor.
Note: The Russians are coming. P.S.: Phony Gemini "fake" news Trump is no friend of the Russians.

October 06, 2018: Large number of Russian special forces reportedly deployed to eastern Deir ez-Zor.
Note: Will the US Syrian coalition once again cowardly slaughter hundreds of Syrian Arab Army (SAA)/Russian militiamen as they have done several times over the past few years to aid the takfiri Wahhabist ISIS terrorists and US backed YPG Sunni Kurds (declared terrorists in Turkey) near Deir ez-Zor? This time such a move could be fatal with a large Russian military presence alongside the SAA.
October 06, 2018: Druze gather in Israeli-occupied Golan Heights to mark support for Assad.
Related link: UN calls on Israel to transfer control of the occupied Golan Heights to Syria.
Note: The UN only seems to be effective when its agenda supports the US and the Israeli.

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