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May 23, 2017: Watchdog steps up demand for legal basis of Trump Syria strikes.
May 23, 2017: US & Saudi Arabia say it's necessary to maintain Syria whole & united – White House.
Note: President Assad, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah do not really care what wealthy uneducated tribal terrorists wish for Syria.
May 23, 2017: ‘They’re losers, not monsters’: Trump slams terrorists behind Manchester bombing (Video).
Note: Only a morally corrupt atheist/agnostic genocidal ignorant fool would make such a stupid statement. It is the hate in religion and the problem will never be corrected until hate is removed from all religious texts. Related link.
May 22, 2017: Libya: Regime change disguised as a people's revolution.
May 22, 2017: Marking difference with U.S., France urges dialogue with Iran.
Note: Hey Donny Boy, your Wahhabist Saudi/Qatari friends will never get the bomb either!
May 22, 2017: Duterte heads to Russia in blow to US.
Note: Selling weapons to the #1 state sponsor of terrorism Wahhabist Saudi Arabia, instead of sanctioning them, will not make America great again. Looks like you win some and you lose some Donny Boy.
May 21, 2017: Donald Trump says Iran has helped commit 'unspeakable crimes' in Syria with Bashar al-Assad.
Note: Before you know it Donny Boy will be blaming Iran for his past infidelities.
May 21, 2017: Haftar forces bombard rivals after Libya airbase attack.
May 21, 2017: Russian forces arrive in southern Syria.

May 19, 2017: Russia’s ‘killer satellites’ re-awaken.
May 19, 2017: Libya death toll 'rises to 140' at Brak El-Shati airbase.



Which person listed below do you trust the most?



King of Saudi Arabia:
Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Emir of Qatar:
Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

Supreme Leader of Iran:
Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei

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May 17, 2017: What do the Russian (Christians) have planned off Libya's coast next week?
Note: The Russian Christians are not going to allow any two-faced atheist/agnostic sexual deviant fruitcake fool to shove a pipeline up their rear-end! Related links: Turkey‒Qatar Pipeline and Standing Rock.

May 17, 2017: The Trump administration quietly began funding radical Islamic terrorists in Syria last month.
Note: May Satan shove a pipeline up Bushs', Clintons', Obama's and Trump's rear-end in their afterlife. Related link.
May 16, 2017: Syria denies burning bodies of political prisoners.
May 16, 2017: Israeli Minister: It is time to assassinate Assad.
May 16, 2017: Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks says former DC homicide detective.
May 13, 2017: Egypt calls for lifting of arms embargo on Libya.
May 09, 2017: Israeli warplanes spy on Syrian, Russian forces in Golan Heights.
Related link: UN calls on Israel to transfer control of the Golan Heights to Syria.
May 09, 2017: Syria war: US to arm Kurds in battle for Raqqa.
May 09, 2017: U.S.-made airplanes deployed in Libya's Civil War, in defiance of U.N..
May 09, 2017: Russia sends more weapons to Syria ahead of Lavrov visit to Washington.
May 08, 2017: ‘Devil’s in the details’: US to closely examine Russia-proposed safe zones in Syria.
May 07, 2017: Divestment movement builds against Dakota Access pipeline. Related link.
April 30, 2017: What are they hiding about the USA attack on Syria? The break up of Syria?
April 30, 2017: Is the Trump administration enabling genocide in Yemen? And will Americans ever pay attention?
Related link: Warning to the Trump administration: Be careful about Yemen.

April 28, 2017: A big change in NSA spying marks a win for American privacy.
April 28, 2017: More U.S. Strykers appear in Syria as tensions with Turkey flare.
April 27, 2017: April’s end sees ISIL’s decline in Syria: Map.

April 27, 2017: Syrian government accuses France of staging chemical weapons attack.
April 26, 2017: Ex-Israeli minister for military affairs slams Netanyahu as 'corrupt.'

April 17, 2017: A Libyan leader jumps on Trump’s ‘Muslim ban.’
April 16, 2017: Bad intelligence: Donald Trump attacked Syria based on a report full of holes - Mulshine.
April 12, 2017: Putin claims intel shows more chemical attacks planned in Syria.
April 11, 2017: So you think you can secure your mobile phone with a fingerprint?
April 11, 2017: UN to begin Syria probe only after use of chemicals in Idlib attack confirmed.
April 08, 2017: US fails to prove existence of chemical weapons at Syrian airfield - Russian MoD.
April 08, 2017: Syria 'won't suffer same fate as Libya' as long as Russia is active in Mideast.
April 08, 2017: Syria unable to repel US air strike at Shayrat airbase — Russian expert.

April 07, 2017: Russia's cruise missile-armed frigate heading for Syria’s Tartus — source.
April 07, 2017: Russian military brass says only 40% of US missiles hit targeted Syrian base.

April 07, 2017: Women & children among casualties of US missile strike – Homs governor.
April 07, 2017: Libya’s (very) profitable business of war.

April 06, 2017: Why U.S. troops may fight alongside Al Qaeda in Yemen.
April 06, 2017: Syria official insists chemical attack wasn’t carried out by government.
April 05, 2017: Political 'imbalance' in Washington gives China 'opportunity' to spy on US.

April 04, 2017: How will a new law blocking Internet privacy rules affect you?
April 04, 2017: Syrian Army rejects claims of chemical weapons use in Idlib, blames militants.
April 04, 2017: Susan Rice denies leaking Trump associate intel, defends unmasking requests.

April 04, 2017: The U.S. has no legal standing in its involvement in the war on Yemen.


March 24, 2017: Nunes says information from Trump surveillance ‘concerned me.'


March 23, 2017: Physicists prove that it's impossible to cool an object to absolute zero. Related link.


March 23, 2017: The US-NATO invasion of Libya destroyed the country.
March 22, 2017: Aid officials beg Congress to help Yemen, while Trump sends more bombs.

March 21, 2017: Warnings of a ‘powder keg’ in Libya as ISIS regroups.
March 19, 2017: East Libyan forces claim victory in southwest Benghazi.
March 18, 2017: Terrorists shoot down warplane over Libya's Benghazi.


March 18, 2017: Russia concerned by military solution to Yemen crisis, urges dialogue - UN Envoy.


March 16, 2017: ‘Wars of religion will start in Europe’ – Turkish FM.

March 16, 2017: Libya unity government, rival factions agree ceasefire after Tripoli battle.
March 15, 2017: Libya’s Eastern Parliament walks away from oil unity deal.


March 14, 2017: Artificial intelligence will create world’s first trillionaire - Mark Cuban.

March 14, 2017: Fighting Famine: How Yemen is facing the 'world's largest humanitarian crisis.'
March 14, 2017: Libya's Khalifa Haftar 'retakes oil ports from Islamist militia.'
March 13, 2017: Trump's Yemen policy serves Saudi Royals better than Americans.

March 13, 2017: Exclusive: Russia appears to deploy forces in Egypt, eyes on Libya role - sources.


March 13, 2017: Reason behind Pentagon's concerns over increasing Russian influence in N Africa.


March 11, 2017: Military, coming to Syria without invitation from its government, are aggressors - Assad.
March 11, 2017: Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor in sight: Syrian Army girds for final showdown with Daesh.
March 11, 2017: US accuses Moscow of aiding warlord in battle for Libya oil ports.
March 10, 2017: Libya’s eastern forces on the march to retake oil ports.

March 10, 2017: Exclusive: Russian private security firm says it had armed men in east Libya.

March 10, 2017: Your brain is unique – here's how it could be used as the ultimate security password.
Related links:
Hacking the brain and Implants.

March 10, 2017: #LockThemUp: What went wrong for Clinton Foundation's HIV/AIDS Initiative.


March 10, 2017: 'Old slavery mentality' is making a comeback in lawless Libya, migrants say.
March 09, 2017: Libyan parliamentarian blames UK, Italy for attacks on oil fields in the East.
March 09, 2017: Daesh attempting regrouping in Libya - US African Command Head.
March 09, 2017: Protection for Libyan oil ports.
March 08, 2017: Egypt condemns Al-Qaeda attacks against oil facilities in Libya.


March 09, 2017: Comey: 'There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America.'


March 09, 2017: Iraqi militia creates brigade to liberate Golan Heights from Israel - Spokesman.
March 08, 2017: Stephen Hawking: People must control aggression or face humanity's demise.


March 08, 2017: Most of Daeshis left in Iraq are Saudis, Iraqi intelligence sources say.
March 08, 2017: Qatar denies involvement in Libya’s internal conflict.
Related link.

March 08, 2017: Libya slips into further chaos as Haftar’s army pounds militias at oilports.

Arab Spring Timeline:

  Tunisian Revolution: December 17, 2010.
Egyptian Revolution: January 25, 2011.
Libyan Civil War (2011): February 15, 2011 to present.

Libyan Military Intervention: March 19, 2011.
Syrian Civil War: Spring 2011 to present.
Benghazi Attack: September 11, 2012.
Iraqi Civil War: June 2014 to present.
Ukrainian Revolution: February 14, 2015.
Pro-Russian Rebel Intervention in Ukraine to Stop NATO Aggression: 2014 to present.
Russian Military Intervention in Syria: September 2015 to present.

March 07, 2017: Number of villages destroyed in occupied Golan Heights higher than previously believed, says group.
Related link 1: UN calls on Israel to transfer control of the Golan Heights to Syria.
Related link 2: Druze protest Israel aiding jihadist rebels in occupied Golan Heights.

March 07, 2017: UAE to Saudi: Abandon Yemen’s Hadi or we will withdraw our troops.
March 07, 2017: Libya's eastern parliament quits UN peace deal with Tripoli.


March 07, 2017: WikiLeaks: Vault 7: CIA hacking tools revealed.


March 07, 2017: WikiLeaks: CIA could hack into phones, TVs and other electronics to turn them into permanent listening devices.

CLICK HERE to see up-to-date Syria and Iraq ISIS Maps.

March 07, 2017: FBI Director James Comey was "incredulous" over Trump's tweets.

March 06, 2017: Consumer Reports to begin evaluating products, services for privacy and data security.


March 05, 2017: Carnage of a battle field close to Palmyra captured on video.








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